Music recommendation: Zefirina Bomba

Zefirina Bomba started in 2003 with a sound experimentation idea. Using percussive elements, collages with declassed poetry, psychedelic and hardcore.

The band have a nice history. They didn’t have enough money for buying an electric guitar. So they built one with an old acoustic guitar. And then, there we over 250 gigs/shows through almost all the states of Brazil and main cultural centers and spaces. I knew the sound of those dudes in October 2010 – while watching a free festival in Jardim de Alah.

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Music recommendation: Música Vulgar Para Corações Surdos

Música Vulgar Para Corações Surdos is an intentionally pathological album. Pulp stories about daily life in the metropolis and the disorders inherent to inability to adapt to urban social life. Anxiety in the little habits, the rush, the process that generates the naturalness of making invisible neighbors, the taxi-driver or the other hundreds of people crossing driveways of any major city in the world. Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai or New York. Released on 16 May 2011.

Vulgar Music For Deaf Hearts. I found this free digital album while surfing the internet. My friends liked it and I’m hooked on it. I tend to like psychedelic music. Lately I’ve heard a lot indie rock. You can listen / download here and here.

Hear my sounds

I don't know where is the source of this pic.

I don’t know where is the source of this pic.

Announcing where you can hear my recordings. Here is my SoundCloud page.

So… what? That will be the place for testing recordings of my DIY audio projects and covers. I have an idea for my band (at school): play all the music styles with a rock groove.

Wait for updates.

Also: I’m looking for people with free time and some experience with DAWs. I want to make music through Internet. Collaborative music.

Hackintoshing – Part II

My rig got stuck at the (in)famous [PCI Configuration Begin] message. Last time, i solved that using my DSDT plus kexts patches (i think it’s IOPCIFamily, ACPI, something). I just copied my entire /Extra folder from my previous working system.

Let’s boot…


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Hackintoshing – Part I


Hi. I’m posting from my successful attempt in reinstalling OS X on my computer – a dirty installation of iATKOS S3 v2 – after trying 2 times and getting kernel panics. Some people says that a vanilla Snow Leopard installation + Multibeast it’s a better method, because these hacked distributions may contain malware and other privacy-hurting things. I think that if you use OS X on your computer you are exposed to those bad things.

What a fuck!? You need modified system modules (kexts)! Who cares?

My challenge: reinstall (because it works) Snow Leopard on a simple Celeron desktop from 2008.

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