Hackintoshing – Part I


Hi. I’m posting from my successful attempt in reinstalling OS X on my computer – a dirty installation of iATKOS S3 v2 – after trying 2 times and getting kernel panics. Some people says that a vanilla Snow Leopard installation + Multibeast it’s a better method, because these hacked distributions may contain malware and other privacy-hurting things. I think that if you use OS X on your computer you are exposed to those bad things.

What a fuck!? You need modified system modules (kexts)! Who cares?

My challenge: reinstall (because it works) Snow Leopard on a simple Celeron desktop from 2008.

Carry on. Take a look on my machine specs:

– Intel Celeron 450 @ 2.2GHz

– 3 GB DDR2 @ 800MHz

-nVIDIA 8400GS 512MB from Zogis

-Digitron (Brazilian FOXCONN rip-off) G31MXP

Note: i recommend updating the motherboard BIOS. You can read a thread that i created in Forum Adrenaline (in portuguese). I had problems identifying my motherboard but the update worked like a charm!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures.

Before starting, go to BIOS setup (using DELETE-key or F12) and review some settings.

HPET needs to be enabled and with 64-bit option. Energy State is S3. Use only one GFX card – SLI don’t work well AFAIK.

If I remember something i will edit this post later. Let’s roll.

On the first try, i booted the Install DVD from iATKOS team. The first screen is a signal that you passed on your first test. Some notebooks that i tested crashed on the spinning-Apple logo, before this screen:


If you can’t get on this screen, play a little with your BIOS options.

After selecting your language, you will be welcomed. From here you can use some Utilities. I just formatted my hard drive from the previous installation. Next…


Select the volume (disk, whatever…) that you want to use and click that button for customizing the installation. After selecting some hacks, push OK and proceed.


The progress bar will stop for sometime. After 20 minutes, try to move your mouse and press buttons on your keyboard. If you’re successful, you can restart your computer and boot from the hard drive that contains the newly installed system.


I remember that on my first try, months ago, the screen froze from 1 hour and I had to restart, boot from DVD again, and play with selecting hacks. On a friend’s house, the screen froze for 15 minutes but the installation was completed.

Fuck! Kernel Panic! The HD Audio driver crashed.


Let’s restore some important files from my working installation.

The dumbass here forgot that the files came from a (updated) installation. The iATKOS S3 v2 came with (retail). The kexts are incompatible.

Let’s restart the computer and try a new installation…


Let’s format the hard drive and give a new name to it…


Another button-messing adventure with hacks. I accidentally clicked “Quiet Boot” – DON’T USE THAT.

Hey! Take a note. These are the patches that i used:

– Bootloader

> Chameleon v2 RC5

– Bootloader Options

> 32-bit boot (even with EM64T supported)

> Ethernet

> USB (all marked inside)

> Quiet Boot! (accident)

> Legacy Logo

– Patches

> /Extra directory

> fakesmc (EFI simulation stuff)

> Disabler (pretty useful for auto-killing shitty kexts)

> RTC (mark only 32-bit/legacy)

> Modified kernels (the most important thing if you don’t use a Core 2 Duo/Quad)

>>> qoopz

> Evo Reboot

> Sleep Enabler (can cause problems, you can remove using Terminal from Utilities)

> USB (modded kext)

– Drivers

> Main hardware (all marked)

> VGA (using my 8400GS…)

>>> nVIDIA >>> NVEnabler (better than Natit)

> Network (you can mark all, i don’t planning using Wireless)

> Language Translations (hurr, i translated that – use freely)


After some time… 30 minutes…

Hurray! It booted!


And the welcome screen even played some groovy music!


No. I will copy my files later.



Here. It’s working with Ethernet and Bluetooth…


Captura de tela 2013-05-18 às 15.16.10

…and the Graphics Acceleration too!

DSC00069Captura de tela 2013-05-18 às 16.15.14










How? Test it. Front Row show up when Option + Esc are pressed. The ripple effect from Dashboard it’s ok too.

I took sometime blogging this while copying the update files from my PowerBook. The next step is updating to, using the combo update and a small update. You can use the Software Update application, but i have the DMG file downloaded from Apple’s support site.

Before updating the system, let’s update the boot loader. I’m replacing the Chameleon Pre RC5 with Chimera 1.11, from TonyMacx86 (register and go to the download section).

Captura de tela 2013-05-18 às 16.58.34

Ok. Let’s update. if something breaks i will use the kexts and plist files on my /Extra folder, on another HDD with SL. Reinstalling from the beginning may be the only option too.


Captura de tela 2013-05-18 às 17.02.59

Ok. In the next part i will tell if the update was done and nothing had gone wrong.

A blackout happened in the middle of the update – thanks, God.

See ya.


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