Music recommendation: Zefirina Bomba

Zefirina Bomba started in 2003 with a sound experimentation idea. Using percussive elements, collages with declassed poetry, psychedelic and hardcore.

The band have a nice history. They didn’t have enough money for buying an electric guitar. So they built one with an old acoustic guitar. And then, there we over 250 gigs/shows through almost all the states of Brazil and main cultural centers and spaces. I knew the sound of those dudes in October 2010 – while watching a free festival in Jardim de Alah.

In the beginning, I thought that was a punk, rock and reggae band (because of Ilson’s hat). And then I bought a CD that they were selling on the festival. I started supporting them.

Now I a fan of this crazy band. Sounds like something punk-folk-noise-core and good lyrics. I compiled all the material that was at the Internet and uploaded to my 4shared public folder (download here).

Zefirina Bomba released an EP on 2011, but was a vinyl disc only available at another indie festival in Recife, in Pernambuco. I don’t remember the name now.

Peace and noise, dudes!


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