Upgrading my hackintosh


Now slightly faster.

Since I built a new rig for my family (Pentium G2030 + ASUS mobo), the leftover parts are in my hackintosh now. MOAR CPU and MOAR RAM.

I experienced a curious bug after the upgrade: while watching Futurama Season 4 (in h264) on VLC, the playback was somehow strange. I noticed that the voice of Fry was a bit high-pitched. On QuickTime the audio and video was desyncronized.

A new DSDT, SSDT, etc, will resolve my problem. But my Ubuntu 12.04.1 CD it’s deeply scratched. I managed to dump some ACPI tables with the 9.04 CD but it’s incomplete. The Linux kernel used is too old and it don’t have thermal sensor support (for my motherboard).

A new version of Kubuntu it’s coming to my hard-disk. I might be able to do a clean dump of my ACPI tables. Dude… the actual DSDT it’s so shitty that I lost AppleHDAudio support.

Some hours later…

Wrong FSB = disaster.

Wrong FSB = disaster.

Using the wrong DSDT makes the CPU oscillates it’s frequency between 100% and 50% – and only HWMonitor.app can show me that.

At night, I extracted my vanilla DSDT with Kubuntu 13.04’s acpidump and acpixtract and patched a few things. But… a have CMOS corruption in reboots and AppleHDA it’s not working. And even with VoodooHDA 2.8.2, the sound still buggy.

I’m frustated with all this situation! All I did was swap the processor! Now my GarageBand machine it’s broken!

And now it’s turn for myHack and OS X 10.8. Thanks to the people that said to me that a clean install was the better option.

(My weekend procrastination ends here?)

EDIT: I installed Mountain Lion using this guide. Vanilla install and updated to 10.8.5 without any problems.


2 thoughts on “Upgrading my hackintosh

  1. Olá, paragens então por chegar ao fim da sua saga Hackintosh… o ML está mais compatível com os ‘hardwares’ atuais… Acredito que vc pode instalar sem problemas o Mavericks também na sua maquina, eu já instalei aqui totalmente atualizado, e está tudo ok…

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