Installing games for Open PS2 Loader on a Mac (USB method)

Since I failed so many times trying to use SMB mode in OPL to communicate with my hackintosh, I decided to use the super-slow USB mode.

Searching the Internet, I’ve found different methods using Windows programs (USBUtil, USBExtreme and USBInsane). But, we will be using the official utility for Linux, available on Open PS2 Loader’s source code. A cleaner method for USB install.

It’s simple! And I’m using OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)!
It only requires MacPorts (and, by consequence, XCode with Command Line Utils).

ADVICE: this guide only covers the installation. If you need to modify your USB disk, you will need USBUtils, by Iseko TEAM – compatible and tested by me with WINE.

ADVICE 2: if your “game is fragmented”, give PowerDefragmenter a try. But you will need a Windows machine to run it properly.

Let’s roll!

1 – open Terminal and install Mercurial, using MacPorts:

sudo port install mercurial

2 – Create a directory for work in Desktop:

cd ~/Desktop/ ; mkdir ps2dev ; cd ~/Desktop/ps2dev/ ;

3 – using Mercurial, clone the last revision of Open PS2 Loader:

hg clone

4 – We will be using a tool for converting disc images in ISO format to OPL’s BIN format:

cd ~/Desktop/ps2dev/open-ps2-loader/pc/iso2opl/src/

5 – But first things first. It’s necessary to fix a bug before building the program.

Open “isofs.c” in Text Editor…

open -e isofs.c

…and put these 2 “define” lines after the “include”. Like this:

Copyright 2009, jimmikaelkael
Copyright (c) 2002, A.Lee & Nicholas Van Veen
Licenced under Academic Free License version 3.0
Review OpenUsbLd README & LICENSE files for further details.

Some parts of the code are taken from libcdvd by A.Lee & Nicholas Van Veen
Review license_libcdvd file for further details.

#include “iso2opl.h”

#define ftello64 ftell
#define fseeko64 fseek

static int isofs_inited = 0;
static int gIsBigEnd = 0;


6 – Now, go to the root of the project:

cd ..

7 – Build the program with “make”:


8 – Copy “iso2opl” to “/usr/bin/”:

sudo cp ./iso2opl /usr/bin/

9 – Almost there. Put your USB flash drive and mount it.

10 – How to use iso2opl:

ISO installer for Open PS2 Loader version 0.1.2
ISO installer for Open PS2 Loader command-line version 0.1.2

Example 1: iso2opl /home/user/WORMS4.ISO /media/disk WORMS_4_MAYHEM DVD
Example 2: iso2opl “/home/user/WORMS 4.ISO” /media/disk “WORMS 4: MAYHEM” DVD
Example 3: iso2opl “/home/user/MICRO MACHINES V4.ISO” /media/disk “Micro Machines v4” CD

11 – Fire the command!

12 – Turn on your PlayStation 2, boot into Open PS2 Loader (v0.9 actually) and get into your game!

13 – Give your thanks to the PSX-Scene’s PS2DEV community for making this awesome program.

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