Music recommendation: The Honkers

More music. This band has history here in Salvador and deserves to appear in all places of Brazil. It’s a mix between ska-punk-garage rock sang in plain English.

I liked it a lot – especially when I have found a CD lost Dad’s place – it’s mine now.

I made rips for 2 albums (2006 and 2010) in MP3 320kbps and organized a mini-discography. How can download it here.

And here, Honkers’s Fotolog.


7 days without “heavy” music

I’m trying to rescue some focus for my ears. Saturated with long hours of Rock/Heavy Metal listening, I’ve got an idea: why not stop this madness?

Some things that I felt on these 7 days:

– My anxiety has leveled down;

РWhen I play some acoustic guitar, randomly, sweet melodies appears;

– I’m interested in Classical Music or “Chill-out”/Slow Music;

– Spotify has become my friend.