Music recommendation: The Honkers

More music. This band has history here in Salvador and deserves to appear in all places of Brazil. It’s a mix between ska-punk-garage rock sang in plain English.

I liked it a lot – especially when I have found a CD lost Dad’s place – it’s mine now.

I made rips for 2 albums (2006 and 2010) in MP3 320kbps and organized a mini-discography. How can download it here.

And here, Honkers’s Fotolog.

7 days without “heavy” music

I’m trying to rescue some focus for my ears. Saturated with long hours of Rock/Heavy Metal listening, I’ve got an idea: why not stop this madness?

Some things that I felt on these 7 days:

– My anxiety has leveled down;

– When I play some acoustic guitar, randomly, sweet melodies appears;

– I’m interested in Classical Music or “Chill-out”/Slow Music;

– Spotify has become my friend.

Installing games for Open PS2 Loader on a Mac (USB method)

Since I failed so many times trying to use SMB mode in OPL to communicate with my hackintosh, I decided to use the super-slow USB mode.

Searching the Internet, I’ve found different methods using Windows programs (USBUtil, USBExtreme and USBInsane). But, we will be using the official utility for Linux, available on Open PS2 Loader’s source code. A cleaner method for USB install.

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Upgrading my hackintosh


Now slightly faster.

Since I built a new rig for my family (Pentium G2030 + ASUS mobo), the leftover parts are in my hackintosh now. MOAR CPU and MOAR RAM.

I experienced a curious bug after the upgrade: while watching Futurama Season 4 (in h264) on VLC, the playback was somehow strange. I noticed that the voice of Fry was a bit high-pitched. On QuickTime the audio and video was desyncronized. Continue reading